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NOTE: Many of these sites require subscription access.  Most of them you can reach if you are onsite at UVic.  If you are at home, for some sites you might have to go to the library website and click through from there.


Online Manuscripts

British Literary Manuscripts Online

Some Bodleian and Oxford MSS facsimiles online

More Bodleian MSS (Luna)

Folger links to online manuscripts

Brotherton Collection  

Digital Scriptorium (Manuscripts) (Columbia)

Cambridge Digital Scriptorium

Wellcome library: incl. 17th C receipt books, many by women

Harvard views of Readers, Readership, and Reading History


Bodleian ArtStor images from MSS

(see also BL online illuminated MSs and images online)

Digital Donne MSS

Perdita Project

Irish MSS



Medieval MSS on the web


Jane Austen, Blake, Lewis Caroll and others

Jane Austen's Fiction Manuscripts

Keats at Harvard

Byron at Nottingham

Pound at Yale

Rossetti Archive



Online Manuscript Catalogues 

Leeds (Brotherton)

British Library's Manuscript Catalogue

BL Catalogue of Illuminated MSs

Bodleian Library Info (see also http://ox.libguides.com/content.php?pid=125525&sid=1305126)

Bodleian Library Online Catalogue (incomplete)

Bodleian Forthcoming Electronic Catalogue

Beinecke at Yale

National Library of Scotland Manuscripts

Hamnet (Folger)

Folger Microfilm Catalogue

Huntington Library MS Catalogue

University of Aberdeen Catalogue

University of Michigan British Manuscripts Project (ACLS microfilms)

National Church Database of Manuscripts (Lambeth Palace, etc.)

Cambridge University Library Catalogues in Dropbox

Christ Church, Oxford, Online Music MSCatalogue

Cambridge MSS (Janus catalogue) - Fitzwilliam museum, etc

Harvard Houghton (at bottom of page)

De Ricci's Census (Uvic access; Hathi trust)



Background resources


First Line Indices

Nelson's Union Index (Folger)

17th C First Line Index (Mark McDayter, Western)

Seng's Houghton Harvard Index

Donne Variorum First Line Indexes

Adam Smyth's Print Miscellany Index

English Clandestine Satire (Harold Love, Meredith Sherlock, Felicity Henderson)

Textbase of Early Tudor English 1485-1550 (UOtago)

Index of Middle English Verse



For Researching Manuscripts

A Manuscript Miscellany (Steven May's 2005 Folger course)

Norbrook's Online Bibliography (also has provenance)

British Library info on Manuscript Resources

Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts (Stephen R. Reimer, U of Alberta) (includes massive bibliography)

University of London Manuscript Portal


Provenance/History Info

For England: links and sources

Access to Archives

National Archives

State Papers Online (Part 1: 1509-1603)


Victoria County History (British History Online)

Clergy of the Church of England Database

Private Libraries in Renaissance England Search (PLRE; Folger)

Private Libraries in Renaissance England homepage

Inner Temple Admissions Database



National Archives Paleography

English Handwriting 1500-1700: An Online Course (Cambridge U; different from below)

English Handwriting: An Online Course (Cambridge U Scriptorium)

Early Modern Paleography

French Paleography Course

Scottish Paleography (v. good; 16-18th C)

Paleography Terminology (Stanford)

Literary Manuscript Analysis (Heaton at Warwick)

Leeds Brotherton Paleography

Secretary Hand Alphabet (basic; Genlinks)

Secretary Hand Alphabet Page (about)

The Secretarie Alphabete

Early Hands (up to 16th C Secretary); Meg Twycross (incl. how to describe link)



The Thomas L. Gravell Watermark Archive

Watermarks in Jonson's 1616 Works

Some Watermarks (not many)

Print Watermark Sources:  Briquet, Churchill, Heawood


Other Resources

Early Stuart Libels

LiteratureOnline (LiOn) Q5ghjD33

LEME: Lexicons of Early Modern English (Lancashire)

English Manuscript Studies Tables of Contents

Oxford Text Archive

Late Medieval English Scribes (incl. descr. of many Harley catalogues)

Reading Experiences Database (1450-1945)



Learn Latin (National Archives) 

Lingua Latina (UConn): drills on endings

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid (Kevin Cawley, Notre Dame)

Words: Latin Dictionary (William Whitaker)

Perseus Digital Dictionary (Gregory Crane, Tufts)


Latinum Latin Podcasts (Evan Miller)

Study Guide to Wheelock's Latin (Grote, UNC)

More practice: reading, vocab, exercises

Latin study guide (wikibooks)


Theatre History

Early Modern Plays in London (1573-1642) (Tom Dale Keever)

Early Modern London Theatres (REED, etc)

Map of Early Modern London

Records of Early English Drama - Patrons and Performances Website

Records of Early English Drama pdf of all books

Records of Early English Drama pdf Lancashire & Isle of Man addendum

Biographical Index of English Drama before 1660 (David Kathman)

The World of London Theatre: 1660-1800 (Patricia Craddock)

The London Stage (Online versions of 1700-1729) (Judith Milhous and Robert D. Hume)

Dictionary of Literary Biography

Annals of Early English Drama

Restoration Comedy (list of authors and plays, some online)

Wikipedia: Literary Years in History

Shakespeare's World (Emory) incl. 19th C actors of Shakes. and 19th C illustrations of Shakes.


Link Pages

Textual Studies 1500-1800 (Kevin Curran; AWESOME links)

Warwick History List of Links to know before you go to archives

Folger links

A Manuscript Miscellany (Steven May's 2005 Folger course)

Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Theatre History Links

Paleography, Codicology, Bibliography links (Robert D. Peckham)

Texts, Manuscripts, Palaeography (Jay Treat)

Justin's Theatre Links (Elizabethan, Jacobean, Caroline history links)

REED's All The World's a Stage

U of Reading Early Modern Studies Links

Restoration Theatre links

Textual Scholarship

Medieval MSS (and some Emod) MS facsimile & microfilm links (Charles Wright)


Medieval Genealogy Links (incl. early modern)


Print-related info


English Short Title Catalogue

Database of Early English Playbooks (UPenn: Alan B. Farmer and Zachary Lesser)

Shakespearean Promptbooks of the Seventeenth Century (G. Blakemore Evans)


Jonson's first folio (digitized, searchable) Holloway

Renaissance and Restoration Printing (U South Carolina)

Index of Books and Pamphlets Censored in the British Isles and British North American between 1641 and 1700

English Renaissance in Context (ERIC; UPenn) incl. tutorials on book history and Shakespeare's plays

Digital Miscellanies Index (18th C: Leverhulme, Oxford, Bodleian)

OpenEmblem (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne; being revised) Emblem Books

John Foxe's Acts and Monuments online edition

Warburg Institute digitized books


Online Play Texts

Shakespeare's First Folio (not normalized spelling; searchable)

MIT Shakespeare

The Shakespeare Quartos Archive (mostly Hamlet)

Treasures in full (BL) - images of Shakespeare Quartos

Internet Shakespeare Editions (UVic)

Rare Book Room (Shakespeare)

Furness Library (Shakespeare and others) (UPenn)

Renascence Editions

French Plays: 1610-1790

Early Modern Literary Studies List

Richard Brome online

Queen's Men Editions 

Lost Plays Database (Knutson et al)


Music Resources

RĂ©pertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) (includes MS search)

Early English, Scottish, and Irish Song (Bruce Olson: includes links to facsimiles)

Acadia Early Music Archive (Gordon J. Callon)

Manuscript Sources of English Secular Song 1630-1665 (Callon)

Broadside Ballads UCSB

Allegro Catalogue of Broadside Ballads (Bodleian)

Restoration Theatre Song Archive (Monash)

Manuscript Sources of English Secular Song, 1630-1665 (Gordon J. Callon)

Groen's Seventeenth-Century Secular Music

Rosseter and Jones (not v. scholarly, but with some MS facs)

English Lute MSS and Scribes (dissertation)



Misc resources

Folger Digital Images

The Casebooks Project: A Digital Edition of Simon Forman's and Richard Napier's Medical Records 1596-1634


Women-Centered Resources

Early Modern Women Database (U Maryland)

Emory Women Writers Resource Project (Emory) (early modern to much later)

Perdita Project

Women Writers Project (Brown)

The Margot Project (UWaterloo)


Geography-related info

The Map of Earl Modern London (Janelle Jenstad, UVic)

Historical Maps (Arts and Humanities Data Service)

Old Maps

Gazetteer of British Place Names

Institute for Name Studies (UNottingham; website currently down)


General English Resources

Voice of the Shuttle

Literary Resources on the Net (Jack Lynch)


Questions?  email me (Laura) at lestill (at) uvic . ca 

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